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Fons Bemelmans

Bemelmans makes use of a highly individual, organic symbolism that he shapes into tense, perfectly cast bronzes. Mythology and old folktales the display windows for human psychology form an important source of inspiration. As human beings can be related in spirit, obsessed, or emotionally torn, so these sculptures discourse upon the interaction of forces between emotions and thoughts, of formations and deformations through human interactions and experiences. In short, Bemelmans displays how we communicate, strive, suffer, and love.


Searching for the mental man, he found intangible patterns that bind us to one another and to life. Often, these patterns are quite capricious, because in the physics that takes place between dream and form, whole parts of Bemelmans' sculptures "evaporate, leaving only the material lines of force.


Despite their highly individual expression, Bemelmans' sculptures have a striking classical character: it is not that he makes use of classical forms, it is that we experience recognizable, psychological archetypes as classical.


In the sculptures by Fons Bemelmans, we can read how thoughts run, how dreams evaporate, and how strength of mind affects ourselves and others.
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