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Hélène Legrand

During Hélène Legrands years at the academy in the eighties, the art of painting was threatened with extinction. Conceptual art, in part a legacy of artists like Marcel Duchamp, was elevated to a higher level and ‘ready mades’ and installations seemed to be pushing paint, brush and canvas forever of the stage.
As an artist with an independent mind Hélène Legrand has always refused to accept the ‘coup d’état’ of the Modernists.
Ever since she graduated from the University of Fine Arts ‘Paris 1’ she has been working on an impressive collection that preserves and passes on the tradition of centuries of art history. She transfers the beauty and the enchantment of her surroundings on to the canvas where fragments of images and repeating echo’s of lines, reflections, shapes and colours come together in a magical way, like in a vision. In her life and in her art Hélène Legrand embraces the existential believe that it’s someones duty to give meaning to life through the optimal use of ones own creativity. In her own special way Hélène Legrand adds a chapter to the never ending story.
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