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Mario Sepulcre


Mario Sepulcre (1957) lives and Works on Corsica. He studied art at academies in Italyand Canada. On the outset Sepulcre was fascinated by surrealism, which later led him to paint  figurative scenes which however do not interpret the real world – he shapes his own imaginary world.

Sepulcre made a series of paintings in which lemons are the central theme. His lemons are as actors on a theatre stage. The lemons are painted in bright yellow hues and they - with some other "actors” – stand out against the stark black backdrop.

The choice for lemons stems not only from the colour they have, but also as they are a fruit that had appears in the oldest paintings. It is a common fruit but because of her colour and acidity it is the most prominent our fruit bowl.

Mario Sepulcre paint with oil paint on linen. However, he is also a renowned fresco painter and also restorer of old (church) frescoes.

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