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Anita Franken


 Anita Franken

The bronzes made  by Anita Franken are, mostly slender women and girls. They seem to defy gravity and gracefully move through the air. The sculptor  gives her figures the air of being  playful, free, yet proud and a triffle stubborn. She captures her figures  as if they are not aware of anyone looking and allows us  to look at these  wonderful women at a moment of intimacy and yet we do not feel that we are spying on them.  

The figures are sometimes alone, sometimes in groups and all in movement. They are floating, jumping, suspended or just tiptoeing through life. The world of these wondrous women -  and the occasional man -  is full of energy, joy  and spirit. You want to join their abstract dance if only one would allow oneself.

Anita Franken is always striving to achieve this feeling of lightness, she wants her world to move gracefully. Not only her figures defy gravity – their maker defies gravity herself by allowing her creations to fly, to give the idea  that they will transcend into thin air, in the shape of curly and ever moving  wisps of fog, by setting them free.

Anita Franken graduated  in 1983 from the Academy Minerva, Groningen. In 2011 she followed a masterclass at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

Anita Franken is teacher at the Classical sculpting Academy  on Groningenwhere she started in 2011.

Franken’s work is represented in various museums, private and company collections and public spaces. Furthermore, her work has been shown at galleries and art fairs in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Austria.


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