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Ton Dubbeldam


Ton Dubbeldam (1957) graduated from the Minerva Academy in Groningen, the Netherlands. Over the years he has developed a very individual style in which he subtly combines different techniques to create his very own ambience. Poitillism, pastel, impressionism, realism as well as a degree of abstaction join in a feast of colours.With his use of dark and light technique Ton creates a remarkeable depth and opennes which lures the onlooker into the depicted scène, making him feel part of it.

The expressive colours in Dubbeldam’s works add to the notion of nostalgia and whiff of romance, giving them a clear contemporary and lively feel. Ton paints scenes that are very varried: interiors, sea-scapes, landscapes, groups of people as well as portraits.

Ton Dubbeldam has succesfully shown his work in The Netherlands and other European countries but his success in the United States is particularly notable. His work is represented in a few museums and in many private collections in Europe and the USA.


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