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Bas Meeuws


Bas Meeuws has a passion for photography. He has used this passion to renew a form of art which reached an absolute height in the Dutch "Golden Age” (17th – 18th century): painting of floral still lifes.


The floral still lifes were not made only to achieve an esthetic work but above all as the expression of surprise and marvel of nature’s beauty. Also flowers used to carry symbolic meanings, largely forgotten now, in those times general knowledge.


In the Golden Age, the works were made with brush and paint on linnen. Bas uses the 21st century technique of digital photography. In Bas’ works, the flowers are given a timeless beauty and the artist makes us look at the floral still lifes in a different way. The photographer plays with compositions and objects and light and dark. The symbolic nature that used to be an important part of the old masters, has been replaced by introducing manifold details, often insects. The artist allows us to experience the wealth which a floral still life embodies and he invites us to marvel at the beauty of nature in the same way as the old masters did and do.


Bas Meeuws (1974) is largely self-taught. His works have become part of a number of museum collections and of a large number of private collections over the whole world. Bas has also made works on commission.



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