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Hans Bruijn de


In his work, Hans de Bruijn refers to developments in the arts. He seems to build a bridge between past and present bij revisiting topics which he takes from the history of art. Hans intertwines iconic themes into his work. He does so in paintings that seem to be made with great ease, using bright colours, strong brush strokes and thickly applied paint. He makes the onlooker aware of the fact that the past is part of our presnent. He strengthens this feeling by his use of perspective. He puts the onlooker in perspective to the painted subject.

Hansí oeuvre shows his admiration for buildings, furniture but also works of art which are part of our present cultural awareness. He does not shy away from tackling cultural-political themes. By demonstrating how solid the past is, Hans gives us hope for the future.What we do now will grow out of date, but will keep some degree of importance. What we do now, will constitute part of the future.


Hans de Bruijn (1959) Studied at the Academy of Amsterdam as well as at the Royal academy in The Hague. Hansí oeuvre has been shown in various museums and important art fairs. His work has been incorporated in various private and public collections.

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