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Lucas van Eeghen


Painter Lucas van Eeghen has been challenging dimensions for years. Leaves and flowers grow out of his canvasses and reach out towards the onlooker. Nature stretches its hand out towards the human race.


Leafs and flowers seem to be natural, thanks to the mixed techniques Lucas has developed. Yet through composition and colours, the three dimensional painitngs are obviously man made works of art. Lucas’ playful approach of technique versus nature and two dimensionality versus three dimensions is unique. However, Lucas van Eeghen’ s work is above all enticing because the art crosses mental as well as physical borders. It is as if Lucas challenges us to redifine borders which we ourselves drew, limiting our life’s experiences.


When one represents plants in art – the feel of passing of time is inevitable. Leafs are the symbol for transitoriness – the cycle of life. The limited time leafs have in the seasonal world are in stark contrast with their resilience and indeed courage to stretch out towards life. Here too Lucas’ work crosses a border: between temporariness and eternity.


Lucas van Eeghen received his training at the The Hague Royal Academy but mainly studied by himself. His works have been exhibited in the USA, UK, Italy and Monaco. He won the Rome Triénale price for his over all oeuvre.


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