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Karel Buskes (schilderijen)

The artist Karel Buskes, famous for his paintings of Dutch cows, is, perhaps less known to some, also an outstanding portrait painter. In the intimacy of the moment between model and artist he gets to know the sitter ‘up close and personal’.
The vulnerability of the skin in all it’s nakedness is reflected in the light, glow and texture of the skin of paint that is carefully and almost tenderly applied on canvas by Karel Buskes. Out of the many different brushstrokes and remaining fragments of colour almost unnoticeable the personality of the model materializes and the person looking back at us from the wall seems to be on the verge of engaging in a conversation.


Karel Buskes (1962) graduated from the well known Minerva Academy in Groningen. His work has been shown in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and his paintings can be found in corporate as well as private collections.

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