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René Jansen

Dried berries, barren plants and half-faded flowers are in fact not really so attractive. But in the paintings of René Jansen they take on a new sort of beauty, as if they had been transported to a world where no ugliness existed. How is that? The most likely explanation is that beauty does not lie in the fruit itself, but in the paint. René Jansen creatively uses light and colour to craft a personal composition that evokes a universal beauty.

This universal beauty is not limited to figurative art; it can also be experienced in abstract art. But a figurative painter like René Jansen always has the advantage of "non-doubting”. We know which object or which flower the painter wanted to depict, and at the same time we see what she has made of it. The difference between the known reality and the interpreted observation gives the painting a tension that can scarcely exist in an abstract work, because there we are missing a reference to the figurative reality.


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