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Coren Geus

After the success of the 25-part painting, "Mondrian and the Dimension of light”, Coren Geus completed the project "Mondrian and Transparency”, based on his painting "Large Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow” of 1928. She translated the coloured surfaces of this painting into coloured light that came exclusively from glass objects. An ultimate attempt to permeate it with perfect clarity.

Aspiring for the highest attainable degree of purity and beauty is what Coren Geus and Piet Mondrian have in common. Coren Geus feels deeply related to Piet Mondrian's philosophy. But she primarily seeks the purity in light, and by definition that asks for an object or medium that can reflect it. With Mondrian’s discipline, Coren Geus paints these objects, usually dishes, bowls or goblets, using them to shape and colour the light. In "Mondrian and the dimension of light”, Mondrian's structure and Geus's light are uniquely brought together. Based on the 1921 "Tableau I”, she created 25 square paintings that she arranged in the same colour composition.

With minimal means, Coren Geus demonstrates that light is synonymous with emotion. Even from cold, impregnable objects, she makes the light reflect in such a way as to penetrate the emotions deeply. Coren Geus perfected her technique with Olav Cleofas van Overbeek, with whom she regularly paints in his studio.
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