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Maurizio Bonfanti

As from November 27th, we will exhibit over twenty works bij Maurizio Bonfanti. His works will be on display on our ground floor.
‘The past is dusty and bulky when viewed with nostalgia, but alive and stimulating if you know how to pick up the elements which are never out of date and are concerned with Man and the ultimate meaning of existence. It's well to remember that, today as in the past, the role of the artist is to bear witness to his own time.’

This was an important statement, made by Bonfanti in an interview. Instead of discarding thousands of years of figurative tradition he integrates its influence in a contemporary style.
The paper on the canvas, as well as the subjects are damaged with creases, scratches and abrasions. The result reminds us of antique murals or Italian fresco’s, where the original beauty has also been damaged by time and man. The crouching, introvert nudes appear like shadows from the past but at the same time they embody the energy and vulnerability of man today.
Maurizio Bonfanti studied in Bergamo and Milano. Works by his hand are part of Italian and international collections, private as well as public.
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